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Sizes and shapes

Tubes are divided into four groups based on size and shape:


  • Tubes with metal lids, with diameters of 73mm, 79mm, 83mm, 92mm, or 99mm
  • Tubes with plastic lids, with a currently diameter of 79mm
  • Tubes with paper lid, the diameter of which is calculated according to their inside and dimensions:
Inside size (mm) Outside size  (mm)
73 76
76 79
79 83
88 92
92 95
95 99


  • When it comes to oval tubas, the size doesn't really matter.

However, the height of tubas has specific dimensions ranging from 40mm to 1500mm, depending on the size of the product. Additionally, the wall thickness of a tuba can be anywhere between 0.8mm to 4mm.

Tubas with diameters of 76mm and 40mm are in high demand for production purposes.